23 September 2011

Back from my adventure

It was so long since I post to the blog. I was on a adventure of a life time. Better say vacation for soul. If you ever wanted to be really connected to Earth, nature you should try living 1 month in a tent. Yes in a tent on a meadow near breathtaking river.

Morning routine is to wake up take your tooth brush and jump into the river. I know some of you are thinking of all items in civilization that you can't imagine your life without. For example washing machine. Well that is easy :)) We just take our dirty laundry to a river and while swimming and playing with children we washed them. Plying, throwing them around, and of course looking fashionable in water.

That was so easy living with no one at your sight.Just you, river and the sky.

Yes we were happy...


And creative...

All about ideas and creations read in my next post..