16 May 2012

Energy Spirals

Energy Spirals The spiral is the cosmic symbol of the natural growth form, a symbol of eternal life, reminding us of the flow and movement of the universe. Passes between the spirals symbolized the division between life, death and rebirth. Spirals are particularly energized and help to transform the energy around them.
I have been drawing spirals all my life. They just come so natural to me. Magic of spirals takes you to another dimension, to extraordinary journey. Honestly, sometimes I can got so carried away and just can't stop drawing and swirling. Patterns can look complicated sometimes, but trust me the process of creation is just pure joy. Spirals live in all of my drawings. If you want a house, a flower or a factory – spirals will visit my drawing and give it a breath of life. When I was little I saw them. We were at the seaside in old mediterranean town. I think I was five. I was sleeping and something woke me up. Colorful lights were coming through the window. I called my mother, but she says that there is nothing and I should go back to sleep. But I couldn't. I got up and walked to the window. It was pure joy and happines outside. Colorful spirals were coming on the houses, on the trees..lighting their ways. Also they were going up. I wasn't scared, I was so happy. I laughed – it was playful child's laugh. Still remeber that night. In the morning nobody seemed to saw what I saw. It was a big surprise to me.
Hope to see them again some time..until then Spirals will live in my art. They energized it and this is my way to share my spiral laugh with you.