23 September 2011

Back from my adventure

It was so long since I post to the blog. I was on a adventure of a life time. Better say vacation for soul. If you ever wanted to be really connected to Earth, nature you should try living 1 month in a tent. Yes in a tent on a meadow near breathtaking river.

Morning routine is to wake up take your tooth brush and jump into the river. I know some of you are thinking of all items in civilization that you can't imagine your life without. For example washing machine. Well that is easy :)) We just take our dirty laundry to a river and while swimming and playing with children we washed them. Plying, throwing them around, and of course looking fashionable in water.

That was so easy living with no one at your sight.Just you, river and the sky.

Yes we were happy...


And creative...

All about ideas and creations read in my next post..



  1. Sanja - Thats amazing.... A chance of a lifetime! Lucky You - and thanks for sharing!

  2. Sanja, such beautiful pictures. I can see how happy you all look, what a beautiful family..

  3. After reading your blog post, I think I need a soul-vacation, what a beautiful spot to have spent a month! I only wonder if I could survive in a tent for more than a week with five kids...lol! Your photographs are simply gorgeous, how I wish there was that kind of beauty to visit where I live! We live in the desert, just dirt, cacti and some very thorn-laden mesquite trees. Rain here is unheard of. What I wouldnt do to witness such beauty as in your pictures!

  4. What a fabulous adventure you and your family had! I am sure it had a few hard moments but I think many of us would give a great deal to be able to have had that experience. Glad you are settled into a new home and back among us but the memories of that time will last you and yours a lifetime!

    Now that is what I call Living Outside The Box! LOL

  5. Your family is beautiful! That close-up of the little cutie just made my day :)

  6. These are beautiful pictures! :)

  7. Wonderful family! Super cute kids, love those teeth /;-)! The biggest accomplishment in the world, isn't it?