26 December 2011

Owls are born

It was hot mid summer when I painted first owl. It was owl magnet with two owls in love. After that more and more owls were born.
Then on Zrmanja we get so creative. We had only stones and nothing else so first 3D owls were born

They waited and waited for idea to be born completely. Half painted they stood so brave. My hand reached for them so many times and I just didn't know what to do with them. And then BOOM!! I noticed all different shapes of stones and when they are put together they look so perfect. It was like I looked at them for the first time. I had little owl couples in front of me. And what amazing stories they have told me!

Here is the first one: TANGO LOVE

In the deep Argentine forest lived Raul the owl. His figure was well known between the lady owls. Every night he and his owl gang were dancing by the fire. Ohhh how he danced. Lady owls just fainted one by one of excitement. There was no pair to him. His passion and wild temper just left him alone with empty heart.
Maria lived few trees south. She was good girl. Her parents were so proud of her. She just got schoolarship on High and Low university...future was bright.
About a month before here leaving to school she went out with her friends. They went to dark side of forest for the first time in their life. Between the trees they saw light of a fire and heared music of passion...it just draw them closer and closer. Maria saw Raul....He was dancing, she was under his spell..She doesn't know how but suddenly her eyes were just next to his and she felt his breath on her feathers. She felt weak looking in his eyes but couldn't look anywhere else. Music was getting louder, their wings met, and TANGO was born. There was no Maria, there was no Raul..Just TANGO and LOVE...
Rest is history. They are still in the forest dancing by the fire, love fire. It's getting stronger with every music note and they dance and dance into the night of passion.


  1. I love the story of Raul and Maria! I have owls that live in the trees surrounding my neighborhood. Some nights they make so much music. I'll never hear them again without thinking of this beautiful romance :)

  2. Wow! That was an amazingly cute story! Thank you for sharing it with me!

  3. Love love love this! I NEED owls!